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Video gallery / Days of the Northern Development Region, a precedent for all regions of Moldova

14.10.2013   2020 Views  

The North Regional Development Agency, under the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, and the General Consulate of Romania in Balti organized, for the first time, Days of the Northern Development Region (NDR). The event was held from October 8 to 11, 2013, in Balti and Edineț and the village of Corjeuți, Briceni.

By organizing this event, RDA North sought to promote economic and investment potential of the NDR, support regional actors in creating partnerships and launch in Edinet a regional platform for communication.

BĂLȚI, October 8. The opening was attended RDN Days His Royal Highness Radu, Prince of Romania, who welcomed the participants on behalf of the Royal House of Romania, and the Minister of Regional Development and Construction, Marcel Răducan.

"Not only did they both are possible - advancing mentality and civilization, fully preserving the traditions and spirituality, but also transformation of a modest space into a prosperous one,  possible in a short time. They proved it many places on this earth right now, today. In the last 20-30 years, spectacular jumps were part of this world and require little more than clairvoyance of patriotism, school, and a little sense of duty", said Prince Radu at the opening event, within State University "Alecu Russo".

Minister of Regional Development and Construction, Marcel Răducan, described the launch of RDN Days as a milestone for the Republic of Moldova. "The Northern Region is a region with a very high potential, a potential that we must realize. I think this event has set a precedent for all regions of Moldova", said Minister Marcel Răducan.

According to RDA North Director Ion Bodrug, Prince Radu of Romania's presence at the opening of the Days of the Northern Development Region stressed the importance of such a unique event dedicated to the development of a region of Moldova.

EDINEȚ, October 9. Entrepreneurs in Romania, Latvia, Ukraine and Northern Region of Moldova met in an economic forum, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazăr.

"Always, our colleagues at RDA North are very inspired to organize various events. And this time you were inspired. What are you doing here, these days, is a perfect fit with the priorities that we have, to move the center of gravity and makes economic life that depends on social problems of our citizens, to gravitate territory to regional centers, "said, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar in his welcome speech.

From the Latvian delegation, Jevgēnija Butņicka, representative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, thanked the Republic of Moldova partners for the good cooperation, noting that success in terms of regional development of the Republic of Moldova are appreciated.

On the occasion of NDR Days, the cornerstone was set at Industrial Park "Edineț", the sixth industrial park created in Moldova. These days, within the industrial park will begin construction of a factory for the production of apple juice concentrates that will run on bio-fuel.  

Economic forum participants visited a number of businesses around Edinet: canning factory in Cupcini SA "Natur Bravo" company, "Rusagro Prim" SRL, local farm "Scutaru Victor" and others.

SOROCA. October 10. Latvian delegation visited a number of locations in Northern Region, including Soroca. Host of the event, the City Soroca, organized for our partners in Latvia a visit to the most important tourist spots in the city. 

CORJEUȚI, BRICENI, October 11. Corjeuți village, Briceni, will work with the municipality of Aloja of Latvia. In the context of NDR Days, the Mayor of Corjeuți, Victor Andronic, and mayor of the village Aloja, Valdis Barda, signed a cooperation agreement.

"No one remembers that in Corjeuți have such an event occurred. It is the first time our town has signed a collaboration agreement with a city in the European Union", said the mayor of Corjeuți, Victor Andronic.

In turn, the mayor of Aloja, Valdis Barda, and expressed confidence that the agreement is signed will not remain only on paper and that the result of collaboration between the two cities will be great results.

"Today's agreement represents an important result due to the organization Days the Northern Development Region. We have had good cooperation with our Latvian partners and went to another level, and good results are more visible", said North Regional Development Agency Director, Ion Bodrug.

Latvian delegation visited several businesses in Corjeuți, one of which is enterprise "Servest Agro" LTD. The NDR Days ended at Corjeuți, with a trip to Țiglău cliff. 

Please note that NDR Days events were organized in partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia (VARAM), State University "Alecu Russo", Romanian Commercial Bank, the City Edinet Corjeuți Hall, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic Moldova Edineț branch and German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Through this event, RDA North demonstrates its commitment to accelerate the development process to ensure balanced and sustainable socio-economic development of the NDR, reducing disparities in socio-economic development within the region as well as supporting regional actors in the creating partnerships.

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