North RDA Director, Ion Bodrug, after a study visit to Brussels: „The EU will continue to support Republic of Moldova getting closer to the European model of development”
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© European Union 2017The European Union will continue to support the Republic of Moldova getting closer to the European model of development, the priority in this respect being qualitative implementation of the EU-RM Association Agreement. Assurances concerning this matter have been transmitted to North RDA Director, Ion Bodrug, during a study visit to Brussels, which took place on January 23rd-27th, within  European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP).

Ion Bodrug, North RDA director, met in Brussels with officials from the European Parliament and the European Commission, together they discussed a number of issues related to the implementation of regional development policy in the regions of Republic of Moldova. In this context, North RDA director presented to his interlocutors specific stages of implementation of development projects financed by the National Fund for Regional Development (NFRD) and, in particular, about the selection process of regional development projects for the period 2017-2020, organized last year by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction. In this context, North RDA director said that attracting foreign investment for the development of the Republic of Moldova is crucial, since the financing needs of regional development projects exceed NFRD budget, representing only 1% of the annual state budget.

"The meetings that had been held  run about the regional development policy of the country. I was glad to learn that my study visit to Brussels coincided with the period when the EU is preparing a consistent support for our country. The messages we have received are very encouraging, but there is a need to demonstrate tangible results, that have to be communicated effectively," said the director Ion Bodrug during his study visit to Brussels.

In the EU capital, the Director of North RDA talked with the European officials about the visibility of European investments in the Republic of Moldova. According to several European officials, better visibility of European projects can be ensured through effective participatory governance, the flexibility of accessing funds, but also by increasing the role of local and regional authorities to achieve this objective. An important factor in this regard remains permanent and transparent dialogue with the European partners.

EUVP is a program designed for professionals from non-EU countries, invited to visit the European institutions to document themselves about the aims, policies and people in the EU. The program aims to increase mutual understanding between professionals from non-EU countries with their EU counterparts. It was found in 1974 and is sponsored and administered jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

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