Potato Festival will take place on Sunday, November 11th, from 09:00 - 16:00 in the village of Corjeuti, Briceni

The first Potato Festival will be held in the village Corjeuti, Briceni. The festival will promote quality potatoes and traditional dishes with potatoes. The event is organized by North Regional Development Agency, the Corjeuti City Hall, and the Briceni District Council in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.

The potato, the fourth most utilized food after rice, wheat , and corn, has been known to people  for over 8000 years when it was grown by communities of hunters and gatherers near Lake Titicaca, located high in the Andes mountains, at border between Peru and Bolivia.

For years, residents of the village Corjeuti, Briceni, earn their living growing potatoes. The habitants of Corjeuți, the first farmers in Moldova started to grow potatoes on a large scale, and made investments in potatoes. In 2011, areas in Briceni the potato harvest was increased by approximately 30 percent and produced double the country's needs.

The festival will present the potato in all its possible forms and functions: raw, to be purchased, prepared in the form of hot and cold dishes, etc...

The program of the festival includes: a fair, agricultural products, a craftsmen fair, drawing competition, presentation of new technologies for the cultivation of potatoes, a music and dance show involving artistic groups from the region and country, potato dish contest (tasting), vegetable competition, and concert involving folk and easy listening music, as well as traditional dance, and more.

The event will take place on Sunday, November 11th, from 09:00 - 16:00 in the village of Corjeuti, Briceni.

We expect to see you there!

North Regional Development Agency invites journalists from local and national press to attend the Potato Festival. Journalists who reported on the event can participate in media institutions entitled "Know the North Development Region", launched by the RDA North. Conditions of the contest can be found here:

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