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Common visions for improving business infrastructure in the North Development Region identified in Balti

06.12.2016   3781 views   ADR Nord

North Regional Development Agency (RDA) in partnership with the NGO Pro-Business North held on Tuesday, December 6th, the second meeting of the Regional Sectoral Working Group (RSWG) for developing the Regional Sectoral Program (RSP) on Business Infrastructure in the North Development Region of the Republic of Moldova. The event was attended by local authorities, NGOs, experts in the field and North RDA specialists.

RSWG members met in session to get acquainted with existing potential investment in the North Development Region and to establish strategic vision of the sectoral development. The participants at the meeting identified the possible project ideas in the field of business infrastructure development.

"We decided to develop this program in business infrastructure to spur much more the economic development in the North Development Region. The investments from various funds, which follow to be accessed by us, have to be long-lived. We are able to solve many infrastructure problems, but if we do not have economic agents who will develop the region through their businesses and through the opening of new working places, then the lion part of our efforts would be in vain. That is why the process we have started on the business infrastructure development is very important." mentioned Ion Bodrug, North RDA director.

North RDA director also informed that, in the result of the Selection projects contest for regional development for the period of 2017-2020, the majority of business infrastructure projects are for North Development Region. "These projects can obtain financial support not only from the National Fund for Regional Development, but also from external funds, through partnership development," said North RDA director.

During the session, Mariana Cebotari, specialist in strategic planning and programming at North RDA, presented, in general lines, the existing business infrastructure and free lands/ locations suitable for development of business support structures in the North Development Region.

Afterwards, Inga Cojocaru, Head of Strategic Planning and Programming Department, conducted the group work of meeting participants, who identified development visions of business infrastructure. Also Inga Cojocaru presented the methodology of elaboration of the concepts for possible projects on the development of business infrastructure and how project ideas can be identified.

We note that in April this year, Latvia provided support in the process of elaboration of the RSP in the area of Infrastructure business. Then, members of the Latvian delegation in components with 10 representatives of central and local entrepreneurs have presented successful practices from Latvia in the infrastructure business area and have established development objectives of the business environment in the North Development Region.

4 RDP were developed in the North Development Region previous years with the financial support of the European Union, granted for the project "Modernization of Local Government Services in Moldova", managed by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ). The four strategic documents cover the four areas: Energy efficiency in public buildings, Solid waste management, Water and sewerage supply and Regional and local roads.