North Development Region has a Program of tourism development. When will the document be a subject of public consultations and when will it be approved?
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North Regional Development Agency (RDA) in partnership with the NGO Pro-Business North held the third and last meeting of the Regional Sectoral Working Group (RSWG) for developing the Regional Sectoral Program (RSP) on Tourism in the North Development Region on Wednesday, December 7th. The event was attended by local authorities, NGOs, travel agencies and North RDA specialists. 

Starting from today, North RDA has launched the process of public consultations on the RSP in the ​​tourism field. In 14 days the document is going to be presented for public consultations in a special meeting with the participation of local authorities and NGOs representatives from the region. The program is planned to be approved by the members of the North Regional Development Council at the meeting in January 2017.

This time, RSWG members met to analyze the current situation in the tourism sector and the collected concept notes. At the same time, Diana Josan, specialist in strategic planning and programming at North RDA, moderated the discussions about problems and development prospects of regional tourism. Inga Cojocaru, Head of Strategic Planning and Programming Department, presented RSP strategic directions and the action plan in the area of tourism attractiveness development in the region.

"The Development Program on tourism is an outcome of the whole region, your own product. We are the first who succeeded to complete the elaboration of such a document, with long term impact. We want our region to be attractive including in terms of tourism. This fact will generate new jobs and will raise craftsmen's awareness, of everyone who desires having tourism business. The program demonstrates that we have sights to be proud of in the north, but the access to them has to be provided with the necessary infrastructure." said Ion Bodrug, North RDA director.

We note that in April this year, Latvia provided support in the process of elaboration of the RSP in the area of ​​Tourism. Then, members of the Latvian delegation presented the best practices in tourism sector from Latvia in the North Development Region. Also, Poland has supported the development of the strategic document. Thus, in October, a delegation from Wielkopolska Region participated in the RSWG meeting and visited several localities in the region to give advice on the development of tourist attractiveness. North RDA specialists took into account the experience of Poland in the elaboration of the tourism program for North Development Region, as witnessed by the recent study tour to Poland.

Previous years with the financial support of the European Union, granted for the project "Modernization of Local Government Services in Moldova", managed by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), 4 RDP were developed in the North Development Region. The four strategic documents cover the following areas: Energy efficiency in public buildings, Solid waste management, Water and sewerage supply and Regional and local roads.


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